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5 Actionable Tips to Market Your Custom Woodworking Business Online

Marketing Tips

Do you have woodworking skills that can make you money? Most homeowners want custom furniture for their homes while business people and organizations want custom furniture for their offices. The easiest way to increase your customer base is to start advertising.

You can advertise to your neighbors but you may never get enough orders doing that. You can use conventional methods of advertising including the use of posters and local advertising boards but you can also advertise online.

Start a Showroom and Market it Online

In most cases, you will sell your custom woodworking services to the local people. Even if you will be doing most of your advertising online, you still need a showroom that displays some of the most popular pieces you have created. If you do not have a workshop where you can display your woodwork, you can create it at home. You only need a few shelves with books, a couch, a coffee table with flowers, and a few other pieces. As a woodworker, you need to have the right tools such as belt sander whose dust bag can swivel, modern, planers, and other tools to create perfect pieces.

Start a Website/Blog

Although you do not have to sell your services online, you need a website where you can display your items and market your custom woodworking skills. A marketing website doesn’t have to be complex as all you need are pages to show your items.

You can hire a designer and an SEO expert to design the website for you or you can use simple website design platforms such as Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress to create a website. Once you have the website, work to rank it high locally. For instance, if you are based in Sacramento, California, you need to focus your SEO efforts on local Sacramento traffic. Local SEO includes listing your business on sites such as Yelp, Yellow Pages, and Google My Business. You can also create articles for your woodworking blog with keywords that include the local area.

Keep your blog updated, you never know who might come to your showroom from the website.

Market on Social Media

Did you know that of the 4.5 billion internet users, 3.8 billion use social media? On average, social media users spend 2 hours and 24 minutes. You, therefore, have a good chance to market your custom woodworking business to social media users.

Start by creating social media accounts and creating content that social media users will love. Mostly, Social media users love photos and short interesting videos. You can create these by acquiring a digital camera that you can use to shoot the pieces you create. Just like you do on your website, market your business to the local social media users.

Contribute as an Expert on Woodworking Blogs and Online Publications

One way to market your skills and your blog is to write for online publications, home improvement, or woodworking blogs. Most online publications are looking for professionals to write articles for them from an expert point of view. If articles are not your thing, you can provide photos or videos to be used in these publications as long as they promise to offer a link back to your website. If you do a video for the online publication, you can ask people to visit your store or contact you for custom woodworking services.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

Besides the above methods, you can pay to advertise your woodworking services. Try Google Ads and social media ads. The advantages of pay per click (PPC) marketing is that you target the people you need, you can set the budget, start and stop the marketing whenever you want, and you do not have to sweat with other marketing methods. With these marketing ideas, your business is ready to grow.

10 impeccable tips for starting your own marketing agency

Marketing Tips

marketing tips

In business, the starting point determines its failure or success. Before venturing in starting a marketing agency, there are various factors that you need to consider. You need to ask yourself the following questions. Where do I want to start the business? Is the business viable? Who are my competitors? Carry out a SWOT analysis of your business and competition. The weaknesses and threats of your competition should be the gap you fill to penetrate the market and have a say in the market share.

The following are 10 essential tips for starting your own company:

  • You need to have a business plan. This will act as a guide on all the details needed for the business. You will be able to evaluate the cash flow vs. capital investment and the projected income annually. Study competition and the challenges they face. Ask yourself if you will be able to overcome and by what means?
  • Identify your niche and stick to it, unless there is demand let your services define you. For example, you could do print advertising, audio advertising, digital advertising among others
  • Get relevant licenses from local authorities. Visit them to offer you advice on the necessary documentation. Do not forget the taxman for tax purposes. The licenses will help you get a business permit to allow you to operate.
  • Ensure you have an office set up, whether home or in a commercial place. Equip the office with a computer, scanner, colored printer and a copier. Ensure you are connected to high-speed internet
  • Design business cards that will help you in marketing and identification.
  • Design marketing campaign strategies. For example, you could start with pitch letters to targeted companies, book appointments to meet the marketing department directors, organize activations to build up a presence in the marketing industries.
  • Network with like-minded individuals and prospects. It is the best way to meet informally and discuss marketing needs. If given a chance to go for a formal introduction it will be easy and familiarity builds confidence.
  • Clearly state what you do? Do not be desperate for business such that you over promise and yet you do not have the relevant expertise.
  • Some marketing tools need digital technology, design, and publishing. Ensure you have the right expertise to meet the diversified demands of the market. In areas where you are not familiar; outsource at an agreeable fee.
  • Meet prospects expectation. The best way have patience and tolerant, endure the challenges of starting a business. You will reap in the end.

There are many tips in starting a marketing agency. Just like any other business you need endurance, patience, hard work and working smart to penetrate the market. Your first client is your turning point. Carry out the job beyond expectation. The success of the first client means repeat contracts and more referrals and a further upgrade to bigger companies. At the start of a business, profit is not a driving force but the clients should be your motivating factor.


Get more Customers!

Marketing Tips

When starting a local business, the first question that will pop into your mind is “how can you get  customers?”

This is one thing that every entrepreneur ask because we all know that customers will keep your business running.

Watch this video and it will give you 5 simple tips on how to attract customers and have your business grow.


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