Most Effective and Practical Marketing Strategies For Grill Restaurants

Food is arguably one of the easiest to market among businesses. And the best marketing strategy is word of mouth. Wrong.

In today’s technological advancement, restaurants no longer settle to traditional way on how to market their business. The internet is filled with opportunities, we just need to know what works and how to do it. We have listed down some tips on how to ensure that your marketing strategy is top notch.


  1. Social media

Social media is the strongest among all interactive platforms today, and everyone is in it. Some of the most popular are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Posting mouth-watering dishes on these platforms can boost your internet visibility.

  1. Bloggers and Food Influencers

Bloggers and food influencers have a decent amount of online followers. Fans take their food reviews very seriously. For instance, a blogger who dines at Cowboy Surfer Grill tries their outlaw bbq burger and loved it. The blogger rushes to his/her laptop, write an awesome review of his/her dining experience, and posted some pictures on social media. The result, fans will start liking the images, comment on the article, and rushes to the restaurant and taste the burger themselves. Bloggers and food influencers are online celebrities, and they are assets to start-up businesses or those who are rebranding.

  1. Flash sale

Flash sale is a sales promotion which is offered for a short period of time. This way, it allows consumers to “buy now or regret later”. Flash sales create a sense of urgency.  So if consumers don’t act now, they will miss the opportunity to save, or buy something while stocks last.

  1. Training and development

A grill restaurant can conduct training and development seminars which talk about food safety, storage, and preparation. Students can take advantage of this program, and boosts the company’s reputation.

  1. Website

A website which is SEO optimized carries the personal identity of a grill restaurant. Have your menu, blog, location, services (dine-in, take-out, delivery, catering), reviews, and pricing listed down for the customers to check out. For further inquiries, have your best email address or phone number added. Don’t forget to link your social media accounts to increase customer engagement.

  1. Online reservation tool

A website is perfect to establish internet visibility.  But having an online reservation app for your grill restaurant will bring your game to the next level. Have your app available through Google Play and Apple Store to target more audience.

  1. Partner with online food delivery services

Online food delivery services provide the convenience of ordering food with just a few taps on your phone. Simply put the location and the app will show all the restaurants available in your area. Some of the best online food delivery services are GrubHub, Seamless, Ubereats, and Yelp Eat 24.

  1. Loyalty program

They say it’s better to keep existing customers than to get new ones. And among the best strategies to retain them is a loyalty program. Allow members to take advantage of loyalty discounts, VIP privileges, freebies, and novelty items. These simple gestures alone can make customers feel valued and have them coming back.

  1. Offer email newsletters

Newsletters are efficient, fast, and creates a friendly approach to keep customers updated on what’s new and what’s hot in your grill restaurant. Promote your newsletters in your website, or social media and find out what works best.