Promoting Dog Walking/ Pet Sitting Business to Drive More Customers



Promoting your pet sitting/ dog walking business can be difficult, especially with the high number of pet owners who prefer to walk, take care of their dogs on their own or knowing what you can feed dogs and wondering if cashews is okay to be given to them. This is why we are giving you these tips to drive more customers to want the services that you offer.


It has been known to be a long lasting game plan that allows people to look for you by searching you on Google. We all know how difficult it is to have at least five new customers per week, but it is a method that you want to keep if you want customers to continue coming to your business. Having no blog is basically having no existence in the world of Google.

Posting Inspirational Photos

Everyone knows that everything inspirational—from photos, videos and posts are the most shared content on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, it is not a bad thing to make your own photos, allowing viewers to share the name of your business at the same time.

Facebook or Google Ads

Another marketing fact that you should know is that you should pay for ads, therefore choose a budget, and pledge to a plan not less than six months. Also, ensure that you ask for a professional help to a working campaign.

dogs businessUse Email or Newsletter Marketing

Do not forget to be in contact with your clients, and everyone who registers to your free e-book or newsletter. These are the individuals that will have a great interest to what you can give, so don’t forget them as well.

Take Advantage of Twitter

Twitter is the best place to search (or actually stalk) potential customers. It is completely fine for a business owner like you to search for individuals in your vicinity with pets and reach to these people. You are not promoting your business, you are just “talking”. They will obviously check your profile. And if they ever need a pet-sitter or a dog walker, they will eventually contact you.

Post Flyers and Distribute Business Cards

Despite the development of online marketing, the traditional method of doing so still work. Adding creativity to how you do it will do the trick. You don’t have to stack these on a shop owner’s counter. Instead, you can propose a joint venture and promote each other.

Hosting Contests

A contest will never be absent in an effective business marketing. This is because it’s a great way to bring potential customers to your pet sitting/dog walking business. Don’t forget that it should be fun, related to pets, and specialized for your business.

Give Special Offers

Special offers can be as simple as giving your customers discounts or promotional bundle. You have to research and analyze what kind of people you want to bring in to your business.

Learn How to Network

This can be really dreadful for a lot of people, but you can’t ignore the fact that it works. You just have to make it a habit of socializing with other people (including dog lovers).


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