What is KSC-Creative? KSC is a marketing agency in Santa Clara, California KSC-CREATIVE weblog was created to give out help to those who dream about being able to build and manage a marketing agency. It is a blog site where you can find anything about marketing; from basic tips and tricks to the best marketing strategy.



Frequently Asked Question

The three benefits include lower prices due to increased demand for marketing activities, and new and improved products or services due to competition generation. This results in products evolution, customer satisfaction and better products.

The marketing function of economic utility improves products for added services and convenience.

Companies that need marketing the most include those in healthcare, law firms, entertainment, auto dealerships, food, and moving companies.

The companies include niche brands, startups and small business, including online service companies, and SaaS, medical professionals, locally-exclusive brands, and legal professionals. Maintenance professionals also need SEO and link build to improve their online presence.

SEO keeps search results fair and drives more traffic to your sites. As a result, you’ll rank higher on SERPs. It also enhances user experience to gain repeat business, atop being cost-effective.

Mission And Vision


The mission of KSC Creative is to help many small and medium-sized businesses to develop an online presence and promote their products and services. We also focus on increased ROI for our customers.


Our aim is to grow into a leading digital marketing company that helps a wide range of businesses worldwide to grow their customer base and make sales.